Facts and figures

The French schools of engineering

 The French Higher Education sector counts 205 schools of engineering.

 139,997 students were enrolled in French schools of engineering in 2016-2017.

 28% of them were women and 14.8% were foreign students.

 The number of engineering students increased by 140% between 1990-1991 and 2016-2017. In the meantime, the number of female engineering students increased by 243%.

 33,492 engineers were awarded the engineering degree by French schools of engineering in 2014.

 4,600 French engineering degrees were delivered to foreign students in 2014.

 In France, more than 60% of the sciences and technologies masters’ degrees are engineering degrees.

 77% of engineers who graduated in 2015 found a job within 2 months of graduating.

 In France,  34,346 is the annual average gross salary of engineers who graduated in 2015.

91% of the engineers who graduated in 2015 work in the private sector.

50% of PhD candidates in sciences and technologies were trained by a researcher from an engineering school in 2015.

56% of research and development researchers in private companies hold an engineering diploma in 2015.